You've Got Mail!

This summer I have cultivated a growing interest in letters. I’ve always enjoyed handwritten correspondence. Most of you know this because if you sign the Connection Card and provide your address, you’re going to get a handwritten note from me. 


There is something deeply personal about giving and receiving correspondence. There is something deeply therapeutic about writing to people over a prolonged period. For example, one of our families will be in the Mid-Atlantic region for the next several months, and we’ve struck up handwritten correspondence in the interim. I’m so giddy about this. :)


In the old days, letters were meant to convey information and emotion. And, yes, every week Chris or I write to you about what is happening in the life of the Church - information and emotion.  


Summer, our season of slowing down and focusing on relationships - our relationship with God and with one another -  is drawing to a close. School starts for most this coming week, and I want to draw your attention to the resumption of our school year rhythms and spaces - some information with emotion.


First, this Sunday, August 20 we’ll pray for all teachers and students as they prepare to head back into the classrooms, labs, and offices. Then, we’ll celebrate with a Fellowship Dinner afterwards at El Fenix. Register and pay here for dinner.


With much excitement and anticipation, we’ll welcome Audrey Assad and her band for a Night of Worship on August 30, 7 pm.  Buy your tickets here. You won’t want to miss this culmination of our Summer Worship Nights and our pivot into the school year.


On September 10, we’ll have a Vision Day. I’ll bring to a close our sermon series on the rhythms and spaces of discipleship and look at the concrete ways in which we engage in habits of encounter with God and one another and those spaces in which this happens.


On Vision Day we’ll also have a Ministry Fair where you can learn about opportunities to connect and belong more deeply through serving at All Saints East Dallas. 


Foremost on that list of spaces is Pastorates, mid-size groups that meet all over East Dallas. Pastorates are our way of doing life together and launch September 12. You most definitely want to be in a Pastorate this Fall. Stay tuned for sign-up info.


It’s been a fantastic Summer, and I can’t wait to step into Fall together. God is guiding us, and it’s with his energy, his vision, and his blessing we continue together in East Dallas.


Joyfully yours -