Better Together

Last night I was meeting with a few members of our Church. And listening to them talk and share life experiences was really astounding. I heard God in their words, felt his presence in each of them, and was filled with a comforting sense of his goodness hearing how faithful God had been to each of them.


Rooted in union with Christ, Christian spirituality takes many shapes and forms, and in our Anglican tradition it looks a certain way: weekly communion, daily prayer, seasons of the church year, etc. But one thing is certain across the many facets of the Church throughout time and space - Christian spirituality is meant to be lived out together in community.


We need one another. We need someone to help us identify our blind spots, gently illuminate our failings, and call us on our BS. We need someone to celebrate with us when we experience victory and mourn with us when we lament.  And we need others to helps us - we need life together.


Pastorates are our opportunity to live life together at All Saints East Dallas. They are a time when, over the course of a semester, we meet every other week for a meal, ruminating on God’s word, fellowship, and prayer ministry. As we grow, pastorates will be our growing presence in the neighborhoods of East Dallas. Pastorates begin the week of September 11. Sign up here.


I caught myself last night in that meeting experiencing God powerfully. I realized that, left to myself, I could still commune with God and experience him. But my friends’ presence made God’s presence that much richer. God’s people, community, took a gift that was good and made it into something that was truly great.


Don’t deprive yourself of this gift at All Saints East Dallas. Plan to join a pastorate and invest in life together. 

- Jay+