Summer Worship Nights

“Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away….The winter is past; the rain is over and gone….the time of singing has come.”


So says the Bridegroom to his Beloved in the Song of Solomon (2:10-12). And as we round the corner nearing Memorial Day, moving towards summer, we too can hear our Bridegroom calling out to us, “arise, my love, and come away….the time of singing has come.” 


We have wonderful new rhythms and spaces opening up before us this summer at All Saints East Dallas. In addition to Sunday worship - where already we cultivate community with one another, and with God.


We’ll cultivate community with one another through Dinners for 9, our Parish Fun Night, Baptisms, and men’s and women’s events.


We’ll foster our relationship with God and our city with a season of singing at Summer Worship Nights. These Summer Worship Nights will be space for us to engage our praying imagination in a monthly rhythm of sung worship, mediating on God’s word, and prayer of all sorts - intercession, prayers for healing, prayers to know God and be known by him.  These Wednesdays are June 14, July 12, and August 9. Then, we will conclude the summer and kick off our fall with a very special Worship Night with Audrey Assad, August 30, at All Saints East Dallas. 


The time of singing is at hand - the season of summer is upon us. And, a time for connecting with one another and God more deeply is before us. Be sure to engage one another with kindness, openness, and grace. And walk with expectation as our Lord walks with us, stays with us, and sings his song of love over us as we sing to him.

- Jay+