Summer is Here!

Believe it or not, summer is here! Your kids or grandkids (or friend’s kids) are out of school, running rampant all over the neighborhood, and our relaxed rhythm at St. Bartholomew’s is in full swing.


Sundays will be, as always, devoted to worshiping the living God. But we’ll also be following the establishment of Israel’s monarchy in 1 and 2 Samuel. In these coming weeks we’ll see how Israel became a people and gain insight for our own lives and to see our own process of becoming St. Bartholomew’s.


By now hopefully you’ve signed up for a Dinners for 9 group. If you’re a recent newcomer, since March or so, we have a great Newcomer’s Night coming up on June 18. And Wednesday June 20, we’ll have our first Summer Worship Night where we’ll worship, hear some teaching, and pray, as God makes us ready to become St. Bartholomew’s.


See you Sunday!

- Jay+