No Spring Break for Lent

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“You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee!” A big claim for what ended up being a lackluster product as Buddy the Elf would later discover. 


You may not know it but you have also recently passed a milestone. We are roughly halfway between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day. “You did it! Congratulations! You made it halfway through Lent!” You may be tempted to stare back at me like the diner workers did at Buddy, but we ought to take a minute to see where we are. 


Next Sunday, the 5th in Lent, the lessons move more explicitly to Jesus’ coming crucifixion and sacrifice for the sins of the world. Palm Sunday (March 25) then follows and begins Holy Week in earnest as tensions rise and the drama of Christ’s passion grows. 


You will want to participate in as much of Holy Week as possible especially Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Day. 


We’re walking together and we’re getting closer to the great feast of victory. Don’t lose heart because our Lord Jesus Christ walks with us through the wilderness to Jerusalem. 

- Jay+