Your Work With Your People


Liturgy (from the Greek word leitourgia) has been called the ‘work of the people.’ This public, corporate, and active aspect of worship is one thing that drew me to our Anglican tradition over a decade ago. This means when you come to worship at St. Bart’s you’re not going to be passive. You’ll be invited to participate by standing, singing, kneeling, keeping silence, listening, praying, responding, passing the peace of Christ, receiving communion, and ultimately being sent out into the world on mission for God. Sounds like work, doesn’t it?

But more than that, our weekly worship requires the work of the people. Maybe you have noticed that it takes some 20 people to make worship happen at St. Bart’s. We have readers and ushers and chalice bearers and musicians and prayers and teachers and greeters and people who set up and people who tear down. Each member of each of these teams does work so the community can worship.

This Sunday we’ll call attention to our teams and invite you to participate in the work of the people and enable the worship of the St. Bart’s community. Please prayerfully consider joining a couple of teams in order to engage more fully with the life and worship at St. Bart’s.

See you Sunday!