Vision and Values at St. Bart’s

St Bartholomew Icon Image.jpg

This past Sunday we began a series on our Vision and Values at St. Bart’s. We’re doing this to celebrate who God is making us into; to conclude the several-months process of praying, meeting, and discerning; and to remind ourselves of what God is building in our midst and how we can actively and generously participate with our whole being.

Back in October our Vestry began to wrestle with the five images around St. Bartholomew, his person and his name. That wrestling resulted in creating a Vision Team that spent the next few months talking and praying through what is happening on the ground here, what are people experiencing, what stories are we hearing, and what makes St. Bart’s unique. That Vision Team presented a list of five values and descriptive statements that I believe are true to who we are. Rooted in Scripture and the Collects of our daily and weekly worship, these Values begin with God - the fount of all life - and move to our action. You can see our Vision and Values here.

On each Sunday in June we’ll take a close look at our Vision and one of our five values, unpack them, and celebrate God’s work in them and the potential work he’ll release in our midst.