Promotion Sunday, Student and Teacher Blessing


School is almost here! For some, it has already begun. Accordingly we’ll have a couple of special moments this Sunday.

First, this week is “Promotion Sunday” for our children’s classes. That means, they’ll be moving up to their next age or grade level. Our Children’s Coordinator Katie Lemming has done a fantastic job building a culture of welcome, discovery, and safety for our children and workers both paid and volunteer. The basis of our curriculum is immersion in the great narratives of Scripture that, as a result, forms our children to be in awe of God and Jesus Christ his son, to love what He commands and to desire what He promises in the fullness of the Spirit.

In addition, we’ll have a special prayer for all Students and Teachers this Sunday. We all know the return to the school rhythm can be daunting, so we will lift these up to the Lord in blessing this Sunday.

See you soon!