Called to People and Place

"God calls us to a people and a place." That phrase ignited my imagination and curiosity. It invited me into an attentive posture of watching and waiting for God: Who are my people? Where is my place?

A few years after hearing this phrase from Bishop TJ Johnston, Amy, the kids, and I found ourselves moving from Fleming Island, Florida, to Dallas not exactly sure what to expect. And yet, when we finally settled in East Dallas, we knew that this area was our place and its residents our people. We were captured by the neighborhoods, the trees, the lake, and the rhythm of life that felt very different from that to which we had grown accustomed. It was in this fertile soil of prayerful settling that God planted the vision for St. Bart’s.

As we continue our series on St. Bart's Vision and Values, we’ll discuss the value of Rootedness. Part of this value is a rootedness in the rich soil of God’s love, nourished by the three life-giving streams of Scripture, Spirit, and Sacrament. But another aspect of this rootedness has everything to do with geography - loving the people and place of East Dallas and its surrounding areas.

This Sunday, additionally, is the final day of our Fiscal Year. Thank you to everyone who has joined in faithfully in praying, fasting, and giving. As we participate with God in building his church for this people and place, for East Dallas and beyond, I invite you to continue these holy practices of prayer, fasting, and generous giving.

See you Sunday -