This Changes Everything

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. It has reoriented history, the world, the entire created order, and it changes us too. That’s why we take 50 days to celebrate resurrection. That’s why we keep shouting "Alleluia!" That’s why we meet every Sunday, because resurrection has changed everything.

Resurrection gives us a picture of being fully human. It is humanity at its fullest potential. Not just resuscitated, not just un-dead, when the resurrected Lord Jesus appeared to his disciples he was glorified, somewhat unrecognizable, could appear out of nowhere, and could eat real food. 

Don’t let your Easter joy wane! Don’t let your “Alleluias!” diminish! Enter into Sunday worship with awe and expectation. Hear his holy word with reverence and humility. Feast at his holy table assured of your participation in his holy mysteries, and your place in his body, the church.  Let us take these Great 50 Days to learn from our Master and Teacher, Jesus.