Ah, Honey, You're in the Wrong End of Downtown


I spent the majority of my Wednesday sitting in the Central Jury Room at the Municipal Court Building downtown. But I didn’t start it there. 

I drove through noonday rain to the George Allen Courts building, and despite being warned by several of my peers, I went to the wrong courthouse. When I asked the security guard if this was 2014 Main St., I was simply told “Ah, honey, you’re in the wrong end of downtown.” 

Back down to the garage I scurried, through the rain I drove, and eventually landed at the proper courthouse. When I arrived in the correct jury room at the correct courthouse, I was greeted by the glazed stares of more peers. We all wanted to be picked, except that we didn’t. 

For the next few hours I read, sat, and slept in alternating fashion. And in the mundane nature of it all I felt so far from the resurrection, from the reality that Jesus is in his glorified, resurrected, ascended being. I was doing the work of the City of Man and felt so far from the City of God. 

This Sunday is commonly called Good Shepherd Sunday. Each of the passages has some connection with Jesus’ vocation as our Good Shepherd. It is a great moment to be reminded of Jesus’ closeness to us and his authority in our lives which is exercised not so much because of his power - though he is all-powerful - but because of his concern and love for us. I pray you hear the Good Shepherd’s voice this week.