Comfort and Courage

Epiphany seems a lifetime away, and yet the season rolls on as we behold the revelation of God in his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. This season began on January 6 when the Magi walked down our center aisle and presented their gifts to Jesus. In the subsequent weeks we’ve seen Jesus be revealed through his baptism, in his Church, through his own words at his hometown synagogue, and even in his escaping a near-death encounter at the hands of his fellow Nazarenes. 

This past week we beheld three different Divine - human encounters and discovered a pattern of confession, absolution, call and response. This Sunday Jesus continues to reveal himself in Luke’s version of the beatitudes. The same disciples he urged not to be afraid at the large catch of fish, he now comforts with words of blessing that are meant to both encourage and spur on. 

See you Sunday -