Seeking Him Together

Many of you may be wondering what your next steps are at St. Bartholomew’s. If you’re not in a Pastorate, I urge you to visit one on a night that works for you - it’s not too late to register. Chris mentioned in Sunday’s sermon that God reveals himself to us and to the world through the body of Christ, that community gathered in Jesus’ name and marked by the Holy Spirit. Besides Sunday worship, Pastorates are the primary way we express and experience this community. 

Secondly, you might be ready to attend Membership Class. The beginning of our membership process, Membership Class will run five weeks and cover the St. Bart’s story, Anglican distinctives of prayer, worship, and history, and the specific ways you can grow and flourish here. You can register at this link.

No matter where you find yourself in your journey with Jesus and his people, continue to seek him with all your heart, putting your whole faith and trust in him. 

See you Sunday -