God’s Steadfast Faithfulness in the New Year

First off, thank you for your generosity in December and all of 2018! It was a huge year for St. Bartholomew’s as we became our own church.  I believe God will continue to work powerfully in each of your lives as he continues to form us as his people on mission for him. 

It’s the new year and we’re revving back up at St. Bart’s especially as we finish the Christmas season and begin Epiphany. Don’t forget to bless your house on the Twelfth Night of Christmas, January 5. If you didn’t get chalk and a blessing liturgy, there are plenty at the church. The whole season of Epiphany is a great time to bless your home. 

Then, on January 6th, we’ll gather for our regular Sunday 5 pm worship service to celebrate God’s revelation of himself to all peoples of the earth in his Son. Three Kings from the East might even make an appearance to honor the newborn King. Be at church on time to see this happen. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!