What Do You Want?

In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus, after being prodded by James and John, asks them “what do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:25-35) Can you imagine if Jesus asked you that question? What would your answer be? Sure we could throw out any wild idea similar to the Sons of Zebedee - “grant us to sit one at your right hand and one at your left” - (at least they were honest, right?) But imagine if James and John answered differently. What if they answered with something a little more in line with Jesus’ trajectory and his vision for the kingdom of God? He would soon tell them if they want to be first, they must be servant of all, which seems a bit at odds with their request. 

What if we knew what we wanted? What if we had been steeped in God’s story, attentive to his work in our lives in the past and present, and possessed a Spirit-inspired anticipation of what he might be doing in the future? That kind of clarity takes time and effort, listening and prayer. It’s more like farming than going to the store for produce. And, at our Discerning Your Call Retreat, we will begin that work of moving towards clarity. 

God is calling each of us to fulfill a role that no one else can. During this transformational time you’ll discover how God has worked in your past to discern how he may be leading you in the future. And when you come to that moment of asking Jesus what you want, you can do so with confidence and clarity. 

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