To Love What He Believed and Preach What He Taught

These inspiring words come from the collect, or prayer, for St. Bartholomew’s Day which is celebrated August 24. Part of the vision in changing our name to St. Bartholomew is wrapped up in who Bartholomew was as an apostle, a friend and follower of Jesus, and someone who preached the Gospel unto his own death. 


For me they are aspirational, a hoped-for description of who God is making us as a people. In other words, if someone said, “wow, these people love what Bartholomew believed” - our Lord Jesus - “and they preach what he taught,” I believe that is evidence God is using us to make an eternal impact for his kingdom in East Dallas and beyond.  This Sunday we’ll look at the collect for St. Bart’s day, but we’ll do it with a very special guest The Rev. Canon Dr. Jon Shuler. 


Jon was my first rector at my first Anglican church - Grace Church in Fleming Island, Florida. Jon faithfully preached and taught the Gospel of our Lord Jesus week in and week out at Grace. And as I got to know him more and heard of his obedience to the Lord, I discovered that the collect for St. Bart’s day had given shape to his own life of mission and ministry. In fact, Jon introduced me to St. Bart’s day in 2009. So I thought it would be fitting for him to share with us about Bartholomew, the gospel, and mission.


Join me this Sunday as we welcome Jon and hear the third part of our five-part series on St. Bartholomew. 

- Jay+