New Season, New Stress

My mind is having a difficult time comprehending that this Sunday is the last in September. It seems this month has flown by. But with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years a day. And I wonder if in the busy-ness of life, you’ve been able to slow down and perceive the subtle ways in which he is working in you? For many of us, the month of September is a month of beginnings, a start to a new season.


How has your stress level been affected by this new season? How have you responded to that stress? And most importantly, what is God fashioning in you through that stress?


I’ve learned through some sustained difficulties that God is always at work. He wastes no experiences but uses them -  no matter how dire and painful they may be. And he does this to shape and form us in his image. It’s his delight as our Father to do so.


As you face and embrace this new season before us, be all the more attentive to God’s hidden work in the difficulty no matter how large or small. 


See you Sunday -