Forgiven and Forgiving

A few weeks ago we considered Jesus’ parable of the wicked servant. And in that parable Jesus illustrates the declaration he makes to Peter: don’t just forgive a brother that sins against you seven times, but 70 times 7. These words, which would have been earth-shattering for Peter as they should be for us today, have left a deep impression on me.


It wasn’t until reading these words of Jesus anew that I realized how much un-forgiveness I have had in my heart. As I wrote last week, often new season bring new stress and difficulty but God works through it all. The last few years of my life have been marked by such difficulties through which God is always faithful to work, and in which many opportunities to forgive have arisen. But, in my recent reflection, rarely have I been equal to the task of forgiving as others as God has forgiven me. His forgiveness is gracious, full and free, yet costly. 


Take time this week to ask God who , if anyone, you need to forgive. The Holy Spirit speaks clearly shining God’s light into our places of darkness we’ve left for dead. Let him revive you, cleanse you, and lavish on you the fruit of Christ’s sacrifice on the tree.

- Jay+