Vision Day 2017 Recap

I’m so thankful to God for our first annual Vision Day this past Sunday. We celebrated what God has done over the year, anticipated what we hope God will do in the coming year, and considered how we can participate and partner with God in his mission to East Dallas and beyond. 


We talked about the rhythms and spaces of discipleship at All Saints East Dallas, those concrete habits and practices that comprise our communal life of worship, prayer, community and mission. From the outset, weekly Sunday worship has been our core rhythm and space. We are people who receive our identity from God himself and weekly worship is a key moment of that identity; shaped and formed by Christ, the incarnate Word, filled with the Holy Spirit, fed at the holy table of Communion, and sent out into the world on mission for God.


Coming on the tail of Vision Day we have a some wonderful opportunities to participate in what God is doing. First, worship. We are a people who will grow deeper in love with God and our neighbor through worship. Second, serve. If All Saints East Dallas is your home - or becoming your home - you’re cordially invited to serve and help make Sunday worship happen. Third, join. Pastorates start this week, and may I say, Amy and I had a blast at ours last night. Get plugged into community, grow deeper with others, experience God’s presence in another person - join a pastorate. Similarly, Membership Class is coming up during the first four Sundays of October. If you’re interested, make plans to be there. And last, live generously. As we take responsibility for our financial and organizational sustainability, we’ll all have the opportunity to live generously with our time, talent, and treasure. 


I’m so excited God has called you to join him in his mission to East Dallas. With courage and humility in our hearts, let’s go forth in the power of the Spirit to love and serve the Lord!

- Jay+