Don’t Let Summer Slip By

I love Dallas in the summer time because I love Dallas in the winter time. The hope of cooler weather appearing in a few months is comforting as I gaze out my window and feel the stifling heat with my eyes. It’s no wonder the population of Dallas dwindles by a few percentage points during these long, hot days.


But for us at All Saints East Dallas, we’ve been enjoying a season where we get to slow down and focus on our relationship with God and one another. We’ve been able to deepen community at Dinners for 9 and fellowship events. We’ve cultivated closeness with God in Sunday Worship and engaged our praying imaginations in Summer Worship Nights. Soon school will start, and the rush and hurry that we’ve been able to escape in this season will return. 


But our season of community isn’t over yet. Our next Summer Worship Night is August 9. And don’t forget that we’ll culminate these worship nights and kick off the fall with Audrey Assad, August 30. Be sure to buy tickets now if you haven’t already! And back by popular demand, we’ll have another Saturday Membership Class, August 12. To register for that, click here.


Don’t let summer slip by just yet. Let’s soak it in while we can, stifling heat and all.  

See you Sunday,