Time is Different Than You Think

A few days ago I sat down with my ministry plan for the church to pray through everything that is happening at All Saints East Dallas. I am drawn to exercises like this because they are not ‘busy’ exercises per se. To be sure, prayer, silence, stillness, and many other Christian spiritual practices are about slowing down, quieting the mind, being present to God.


Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy. But this particular day as I methodically prayed for the church - people, activities, God’s work in our midst - this thought came to my mind: “Time is different than you think.” Immediately, I was intrigued and freed, and recorded the following in my journal: 


“I have felt guilty in the past for ‘wasting time.’ And I have felt a paralyzing urgency when it seems there is not enough time to ‘do’ all that needs to to be done. So I frenetically shift from meaningless task to meaningless task thinking my busy-ness equals productivity when, really, it is a disjointed search for importance, an exercise in pushing  buttons with no real outcome.”


In that moment, I looked at my favorite Christ icon, took a deep breath, and thanked God that there was no need to rush. That, of all the meaningful things I could do in that moment to serve His Church, this was it. And I continued to pray.


Time is different than you think. Take time this summer to slow down, be still, quiet, and calm. Do this at Dinners for 9, Sunday worship, Summer Worship Nights, and other rhythms and spaces around us. And engage the Lord, your friends, and family with intention. Life is too short to preoccupy ourselves unnecessarily with busy-ness when the Lord and our loved ones are waiting in the quiet.

- Jay+