Summer Worship Nights Begin Tonight!

This summer, wonderful new rhythms and spaces open up before us at All Saints East Dallas. It will be a season of slowing down and of cultivating relationships - our relationship with God and one another. And tonight will begin a new phase of that cultivation with our first Summer Worship Night.


These worship nights will be a space for us to engage our praying imagination in three segments: sung worship, meditating on God’s word, and prayer of all sorts - intercession, prayers for healing, prayers to know God and be known by him.  These Wednesdays are June 14, July 12, and August 9. Then, we will conclude the summer and kick off our fall with a very special Worship Night with Audrey Assad, August 30, at All Saints East Dallas. 


This month’s worship night Sean and the band will lead us in sung worship, and our meditation will be led by Lyn Baker, Director of Family Ministries at All Saints Dallas. Lyn will guide us through lectio divina, “a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures” and a “reverential listening both in a spirit of silence and awe.” This listening and attentive reading of Scripture will then lead us into a time of prayer much like during Communion on Sundays.


It is going to be a fantastic evening. Come with expectation that God will be present to us as we declare his praises. He will speak to us in his holy word as we listen with reverence and awe. And, he will answer the cry of our hearts in prayer to him all the while growing us in his image, remaking us in his likeness.  

- Jay+