How Is Your Lent Going?

That’s probably not a question you are asked often. But I really want to know. I hope you’ve engaged in some type of fast. Whether it be a weekly rhythm of fasting from food, intermittent fasting from meat, or cutting out alcohol or sweets altogether, fasting of some type is good for your soul.


We saw Jesus be led by the Spirit into the desert to fast forty days and nights and then be tempted by Satan, the accuser. But Satan’s tempting of Jesus soon turned to testing, as the inherent value of Jesus’ identity as the Son of God was revealed in his faithfulness to the Father.


I am fasting this Lent because I expect to be tested - in obvious ways and not so obvious ways.  I want my core identity as a son of God to be tested so that my awareness of God’s fatherly grace to me is refined, depend, and strengthened. 


I know that there are lots of dark places in my soul, places where I’m pregnant with pain I don’t even know about.  My guess is the same is true for you. And the ironic invitation our Lord extends to us this season is will we follow him to the desert, to Jerusalem, to the cross? I’m so excited to walk with you - we have a wonderfully powerful season of fasting and prayer ahead of us concluding with the Great Fifty Days of Easter and ultimately Pentecost.


Please know you’re in my prayers.
- Jay+