It’s Been a Regular Couple of Weeks

As I asked this question yet again to a group of friends, most of the responses were, “meh.” And the respondents weren’t sure if that was ok. “Is there supposed to be an earth-shattering experience? Because it just feels like it’s been a regular couple of weeks.”


That is a great response because Jesus meets people where they are in their regular lives yet in deeply personal and transformative ways, engaging them in ‘everyday’ contexts in order to impact their eternal perspective. We see this powerfully illustrated in the Sundays of Lent. 


The Sundays of Lent are book-ended with too cosmic battles. They began with Jesus being tempted and tested in the desert, and will end on Palm Sunday with his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to go not to glory, but to the cross. But in the intervening weeks, we have and will encounter a Jesus not at battle with the forces of darkness - whether Satan himself or the self-destructive pride of the Pharisees - but in deeply personal, revealing, and transformative conversations with people like you and me. In the moments of a “regular couple of weeks."


How many theological conversations had the Pharisee Nicodemus had until he came to Jesus by night (John 3)? How many years must have the woman at the well gone at noon to draw water, avoiding contact with her community, yet encountering living water in Christ (John 4)? How many people had the man who was born blind begged for help from passersby until Jesus stops and heals him (John 9)? And how many meals had Jesus shared with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus before he demonstrates himself as “the resurrection and the life” (John 11)?


So, in your coming and going and regular life, remember that it was in that mundane-ness that Jesus met these people. As we wrap up the final two weeks of lent, look for Jesus to encounter you in your everyday context. Ask him to change your eternal perspective. 


You’re in my prayers -