Freely Give

God has called us to lead lives not of scarcity but of generosity. Jesus demonstrated this to the utmost when he who was rich became poor for our sake, so that by his poverty we might become rich (2 For 8:9). The leaders who have made an impact in my life have always been generous with their time, their attention. Each of you have been so generous to be stakeholders and leaders at All Saints East Dallas.


Similarly as a church, God will call us to unique times of generosity. As he continues to build his Church among us, as we acquire a place of our own, and expand our mission to greater East Dallas, we will be given the opportunity to give generously as an expression of Christ’s generosity. 


As God raises up leaders in our midst and we send out other churches to be planted, we will give generously of people and money as an expression of Christ’s generosity. 


But before that time comes, we are given the opportunity to bless our sending church and demonstrate in a reciprocal way Christ’s generosity. As you have heard in our prayers the last few months, All Saints Dallas seeking a property downtown, to take the heart of Christ to the heart of the city, the Crossroads of Dallas. Please see more info here.


Over the next few Sundays, I want you to pray and ask the Lord how he wants you to give generously. When you are ready to give, drop your gift designated “Crossroads” in the offering plate or simply give online.  Remember, God is building us into a Church of generosity because he who was rich became poor for our sake, so that by his poverty, we might become rich. Let’s demonstrate Christ’s generosity in helping All Saints Dallas. 


- Jay+