Better Together

Our Pastorate last night was such a joy. As I beheld the community that God is building and gloried in the grace of each individual I was reminded of God’s words in Genesis: "It is not good for man to be alone.” 


God uttered these words as he observed Adam in the garden managing and keeping it. He had no helpmate and no community.  To be sure, God’s creating Eve gives us the institution of marriage, but it also shows us that God has meant for us to live in community. In fact, he’s given his Church, his body, to be his community on earth.  The Church is to be the place of his kingdom, the place of his rule and reign. We experience that beautifully on Sunday nights. We gather to worship, confess our sins, hear God’s word, are fed at his table and are sent out into the world on mission for him. Experiencing what God is doing in building his Church at All Saints East Dallas is thrilling, and it’s something that can only be done in community. 


Life together isn’t sanitary or perfect. But it can be safe, and it can be utterly sanctifying. We have experiences in community wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit that are glorious, exhilarating and sometimes other-worldly. Likewise, life takes us through valleys that would otherwise leave us destitute, confused, alone, and afraid. In both the mountaintop and the valley we are meant to engage in community at All Saints East Dallas. I have the privilege of doing this week in and week out meeting with so many of you one on one, face to face, creating community and context, hearing your stories and seeing God’s image in you. 


Each of you deserve and need to have that context with one another. There are so many opportunities to engage: Pastorates - not too late to join in; fellowship events like bowling this Friday night ; Guys events; Girls events; whole community events. God has made us for himself, and we grow in his grace together. Let’s jump in and continue!