I hope you have a rhythm of rest and retreat. Maybe you take a walk at lunch or put away your smartphone for an entire day. Maybe you like to exercise or reflect quietly while thinking about your day. The staff of All Saints East Dallas just spent 24 hours in retreat. 


We were silent, we prayed, we learned about our respective personalities, the meaning of our names, the hurts and pains of the past, and our hopes for the future. Our hope was to pray and worship together, understand ourselves better, and understand where God might be taking us in the next several months as we take responsibility for our finances, governance, organizational development, and as we become our own church. I can say with confidence that these hopes were fulfilled. 


Sitting on a rocky beach on  Sandy Cay in the British Virgin Islands, I decided to take our staff on retreat, to take time to pour into the team and invest in them for their sake, and for yours. Pray for us and the leadership of All Saints East Dallas. There are many exciting days ahead, and God is leading us as he draws people to himself planting and establishing our church in East Dallas. 

- Jay+