Valuing Fun Together

I’ve just returned from an amazingly transformational trip with Anglican Leadership Initiative sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Seven other pastors joined the leadership of ALI to adventure, connect as a community of leaders, and be transformed by God’s power and presence in his beautiful creation. I have so many stories I’ll share with you in due time. But one of the most healing things I experienced was pure fun.


I love to laugh, and upon returning late Monday night, I realized it had been a long time since I had had a good, steady diet of laughter. And not just any laughter. Like big, rousing, embarrassing laughter. Fun is good for us, good for our community, and good for our souls.


We value fun at All Saints East Dallas, and, if you’re a part of this community, odds are you do too.  I’m inviting you to a night of fun and bowling next Friday, February 3, from 7-9.  Cost will be $10/person or $30 for a family.  That’s right, we have procured lanes and space at Bowl and Barrel to experience fun as a community. RSVP here, come out, and enjoy the company of your community. I promise we’ll laugh together, and I promise we’ll have fun.