What Are You Seeking?

Last night at our pastorate meeting, as we were discussing the gospel passage from this past Sunday, we were struck by how many names and images are used to describe Jesus in such a short span of verses. In John 1:29-51 Jesus is called lamb of God, the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit, Son of God, Rabbi, Messiah, King of Israel, Son of Man. To cap it all off, Jesus compares himself to a ladder that spans the distance between heaven and earth. 


In the midst of these descriptions and names, Jesus turns to his first disciples and asks, "What are you seeking?" It's a question as relevant to us as it was to those first disciples, and even if we don't exactly know the answer (because who ever does, really), there is Jesus' gracious invitation to, "Come and see." Come and see is really a way of saying, "Follow me and I will show you more and more what it is that you are seeking."  To know this lamb, this ladder, this king, this one who is multitudes, this one who is the very image of God, we have to seek him and we have to follow. Jesus, as John's gospel tells us, is the one who multiplies grace upon grace, so there is always more. Even as we come to know him more deeply, there is never an end to our seeking. There is always more to come and see.


My encouragement to myself and to all of us, is that wherever we are in our journeys of faith, whether we are veterans on the trail or whether we are considering lacing up our hiking boots at all, that we would all come to seek him more and more. 


Please make plans to join us after the service this Sunday for our annual parish meeting and for our fellowship dinner. During the meeting, Ken Dean, Executive Pastor of All Saints Dallas, will review the finances for All Saints Dallas and All Saints East Dallas. Members will also vote in our Board of Stewards election. 

- Chris