Why Pair Beer with Theology

During our summer series of Beer and Theology, I had the chance to sit down with a writer from the Dallas Observer and talk about why All Saints does these kinds of event. The writer wanted to know why a church group would want to talk about theology in a pub.


Here was part of my answer to that question:


“We believe God made the world and then he gave it to us to cultivate and make. So wheat and barley are good things, but when you put them together with water and yeast, it becomes an even better thing…That’s part of what it means to be human — to take this stuff around us and make something new. I think of theology in that same way. We’re given the world and the time and the place that we live in, and we have to take all of that and put it together and make it into something else that helps people understand who they are and what matters.”

(You can read the whole article here.)


I share this quote because it encapsulates my vision for doing Beer and Theology and because it hints at the theme for our upcoming Beer and Theology series—Creation. Christians believe that the world is something more than mere nature. We believe that the world, that all that is seen and unseen, is the creation of God. And as creation it is both good and is given as gift for us to enjoy and cultivate. Over the next three Mondays, we will talk about the implications of these statements and about how they can impact our lives.


Please make plans to join us the next three Mondays at the Lakewood Gingerman from 7–9. There will be great content, conversation, and questions, and, of course, great beer!


Week 1 (Oct. 3): What We Talk about When We Talk About Creation with Chris Myers

Week 2 (Oct. 10): The Goodness of Creation with Bill Burns (Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Redeemer Seminary)

Week 3: (Oct. 17) The Givenness of Creation with William Glass (Doctoral student in Systematic Theology, SMU)