Doing the Work of Public Worship

At All Saints East Dallas we take worship very seriously. And by seriously, I don’t mean to say we don’t have fun. Rather, Sunday worship and its component parts - the liturgy, music, reading and preaching of God’s word, Holy Communion, and being sent into the world - are core to our identity. It is one of the main ways we live into our stated mission of “living in God’s presence and living out His love.” So, in planting All Saints East Dallas we have led with public worship. We want to establish ourselves as a community of worship and prayer in and for East Dallas and the surrounding areas.


You may not notice, but it takes close to 30 people to make an Anglican worship service happen. That sounds like a lot of people. It is, especially for a community just being planted as we are. Yet, this work of helping make worship happen is a divine work. It is a privilege to be someone who works so that another can worship. I’ve done this in various ways week in and week out for almost half of my life. And yet I find oftentimes in the midst of my working, I am able to worship the Lord, to rest in his presence, to receive from him grace upon grace. 


On August 14 and 21 we’ll be having a Ministry Fair before and after the services. We’re doing this so you can understand the teams that serve to make worship happen at All Saints East Dallas, and so you can join in. You may be new to the church, to East Dallas, or even Anglican worship. Joining a team is a great way to connect.  The minute you drive in that parking lot, you belong, and hopefully you’ve already experienced that welcome. But joining a Sunday worship team gives you another point of contact with others. It gives you a way to journey with others who have discovered the sublimity of worshiping God in the beauty of holiness. And it opens the door for someone else to discover that same grace of God found when we gather together in Jesus name.


See you Sunday!