Moving into Fall

We've just completed our sermon series "For the City" where we focused on why living in our city and its broader environs matters and how that affects God's mission through us to our city. It was refreshing and exciting to remember our ultimate home is the heavenly city and that our lives in Dallas, though marked by lament and an order that is passing away, are anchored by a deep abiding praise of God. 


This Sunday is our Fall Launch, our kickoff to the new school year and the beginning of our Fall event schedule which includes Alpha, Pastorates, Newcomers' Night, and more. We'll have Fall Calendars out so be sure and pick one up.


We'll also pray for students, parents, and educators of every kind. The school year is a life-giving rhythm and a big part of our context in East Dallas, and yet for each of these named, it takes a lot of energy, stamina, and endurance to make it for the long haul. Join us on our Fall Launch Sunday, August 21, to pray and lift up these wonderful people.


In addition to our Fall Launch, this Sunday we'll resume with Ordinary Time and follow Jesus through the Gospel according to Luke where we'll hear Jesus tell many parables, heal people, encounter doubters and seekers alike all the while moving resolutely toward his sacrifice on the cross. We will end the Church Year in Luke and begin the season of Advent with Matthew in the last week of November. I love this rhythm of walking through Scripture. It's a key part of our three-stream life together at All Saints - a life that is governed by Scripture, animated and empowered by the Spirit, and sustained by the Sacraments.


See you Sunday -