A Love for the City

Five years ago on June 24, Amy, the kids, and I rolled into Dallas. We were immediately struck by a few things in this, the city I swore I would never live in. First, it was a real city. There was a skyline, downtown, and urban core. There were less urban areas that flared out from the downtown area like spokes on a wheel. These flares were full of their own unique culture that was differentiated from downtownand could extend for miles into different counties - for example Plano and Frisco, Rowlett and Rockwall. There were people everywhere - in their cars on Central, at restaurants and stores, at parks, pools, and other places of leisure. There was a different, much more rapid pace. The culture of this city was different from the island living we had moved from in Florida. 


That first day in Dallas ignited in me a slight obsession with the city. I loved discovering its different neighborhoods and regions. Questions flooded my mind as our family explored the city. Why was Swiss Avenue filled with these old mansions? How did Bishop Arts become so eclectic and gather so much energy? What did our mid-century forebears think of White Rock Lake? What was Uptown like before the re-development? How did the Knights of Columbus manage to have such an awesome pool in Lake Highlands? Is this famed Eagles’ pool even real?


This obsession and excitement about the city slowly grew into the dream for All Saints East Dallas. So, it is with great excitement and intentionality, we began our series “For the City” this past Sunday. Chris+ and I will be taking the next several weeks and looking at our calling and vocation as the Church to live and flourish in the city where God has planted us.


I know vacation season has begun in earnest, so if you’re not able to be present on a Sunday, I invite you to listen in with us to the sermons on our website here. I’m excited for us to dream together and imagine together our life and mission to the city. 


Have a blessed week - I’ll see you Sunday!