Green in the Desert

In Sunday’s sermon I mentioned that Ordinary Time, this season of the Church Calendar we now find ourselves in, is a season of a thousand insignificant choices and their cumulative effect, a season of the boring, mundane, and normal, and a season of growth. Just like trees that grow slowly and steadily, we are growing and being renewed in the image of our creator by the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this as we imbibe the culture and celebrate the values of the kingdom of God. This Sunday we’ll continue to look at the culture of the kingdom.


One of the best parts of my jobs is meeting with many of you throughout the week, getting to know you better, and hearing some of your story. Something I’ve noticed lately is that many of us have been through the desert. What I mean by that is many of us have been through very difficult seasons in life that seem like we’re alone or even abandoned, seasons that can even make us question God’s existence, goodness or love. 


These seasons are essential to us if we’re going to grow in Christ in that steady, mundane, ordinary time kind of way. And these seasons are gift to us. We walk through them with great travail. But when we make it through them, we look back and realize God had been at work the whole time. Bishop Philip Jones often says, “you can always trust someone who has been through the desert and made it back.” 


If you feel alone, abandoned, that God has given up on you, or forgotten, take heart, be encouraged because you may be going through a desert season. Remember that God has you in the palm of his hand, even though it doesn’t feel like it. And remember that God hasn’t given up on you; so don’t dare give up on yourself.