Steady in the Transition

This week is a week of transition for my family and me. We’ll begin the week in one house and finish it in another one. We have stuff in both houses as we prepare to move to our new home, and I feel caught between two places that I love, two places my family will have called home, two places that are important to our life and ministry.


We’ve moved several times as a family, and this one is very exciting for so many reasons. But despite that excitement and the signs of God’s provision all around us, it is still a transition. All of our lives are full of moments where we feel caught between two places and managing those liminal spaces with grace and love is of utmost importance. The call of God is what guides us and draws us through transitions. 


Another transition that we’ve experienced lately is that of starting All Saints East Dallas. We’ve lived in this area for almost five years and feel right at home - this is our place and these are our people. Planting a parish from All Saints seemed simple enough as we’ve stayed connected as one church in two parishes. Yet, with all the overlap and sharing, so much has changed for us. Our kids continue to get older. We continue to forge new relationships and deepen existing relationships in building the church. And yet we didn’t count on how much planting All Saints East Dallas would be in a way starting over. Despite that, the call of God has guided us, grounded us, and navigated us through this transition.


Some of you may be experiencing a similar transition in a variety of areas in your life. Your kids may be starting a new school in the fall, your work may be in upheaval, or your family dynamics may be shifting. Or maybe you’re new to All Saints East Dallas or even church in general and you’re not quite sure what is going on around you. I want to encourage you that if God is calling you through a transition, he will guide you, he will resource you, he won’t leave you stranded.



At All Saints East Dallas we’re ramping up for an exciting summer full of opportunities to connect in community, to gain that sense of grounding and rootedness. Dinners for 9 will kick off in June, so be sure and sign up now!  Last Tuesday night we had our first Guys and Whiskey night, and it was a home run. We had about 25 guys gather around conversation and a flight of bourbons. The youth will have a swim party at Dallas Athletic Club and other fun events. Be sure and pick up a summer calendar this Sunday and visit our web calendar to stay up to date on all the latest info.