Cedar Elms, Social Media, and the Good Shepherd

I just took a walk around the All Saints East Dallas neighborhood, and I was astounded to behold some of the most majestic cedar elm and pecan trees I’ve ever seen - and it didn’t hurt that it was roughly 70 degrees outside.


When I spend any unstructured time outdoors, I am reminded of how easily my head gets cleared, how I can gain some perspective, and how I can be in a better posture to hear God speaking.


God is always speaking to us, communicating his love and delight over his daughters and sons. He is constantly telling the world about himself through the created order. But there are countless other voices vying for our attention: friends, family, employees, employers, various news outlets, countless social media platforms, and algorithmic-based advertisements that could even be cued by this message being in your inbox. 


With all of these voices competing with God’s, how in the world are we to “live in God’s presence, and live out his love?” How are we ever going to hear God’s voice?


Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd…My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:11, 27). In other words, we have someone guiding us in the midst of these competing voices. He know us; he speaks to us - even now.


Today’s walk through Eastwood reminded me to stop, create some margin, silence the voices that distract, turn my heart to the Good Shepherd, and simply listen.


Join me this Sunday as we’ll be looking Jesus as Good Shepherd and discover what it means to hear his voice.


Prayerfully yours -