One Big Party: The Great 50 Days

I love to celebrate. I’m often accused of extending my birthday well beyond the month of March. I’m usually the last one to leave a party. And I just can’t get enough of having a great time with friends. In the Church we find ourselves in a somewhat similar setting.


Holy Week and Easter Day have passed, but now we’re kicking off the Easter Season. This season is 50 days long, runs to Pentecost Sunday (meaning 50), and is a raucous celebration of the Lord’s risen life and what that means for us. (Please note, rabbits not included.)


In these next several weeks, we’ll focus on Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances with his friends, the disciples, we’ll look at his shepherd’s heart, his ascension to the Father’s right hand, and we’ll notice how he prepares his disciples and us to receive the Holy Spirit. We’ll also celebrate baptisms this Sunday and Confirmations next Sunday. It’s going to be an awesome next few weeks.


Be sure and read up on all the other events we have coming soon, including Beer and Theology and Fellowship Dinner and continuing Pastorate meetings. If you are interested in learning more about a Pastorate, contact us here.  


See you Sunday!