What is Beauty?

I’m really excited about All Saints East Dallas' next Preview Service coming up Sunday night.  I hope you can be there and celebrate the beginning of this community.  It is really beautiful to see God weave his people together in the power of the Holy Spirit. 


You may think “beautiful” is a funny description for beginning a church community, but I really like using this word.  Lately, the word and its appropriate use has come up in several conversations with some friends.  Most recently we talked about all sorts of aspects of beauty and especially how desperately our world needs beauty.  Many different people in the conversation, however, had different conceptions of beauty.  One person thought of physical beauty and physical attraction.  Another thought of classic cars being restored with fresh chrome and a new engine.  Fair enough.  You can insert your own thoughts about beauty here _____________.


When I think of beauty, it is often related to creation, art, music, or literature.  But just as often, I think of a well executed running play in football or a Lionel Messi pass in a soccer match.  In each of these conceptions of beauty above - and I’m sure in yours in the blank - there is a wholeness, a completeness, a sense that really nothing is missing no matter the scale or the nature of the subject being considered.  


In this Sunday’s sermon I’ll be talking about some words that Jesus said that were entirely proportional and complete, and yet Peter pulls Jesus aside and says, “are you nuts? You can’t say that!”  Jesus responds with some harsh words of his own for Peter, but then launches into a new - at that time - teaching about following him.  And, this way of following Jesus, this way of having life, is completely at odds with what our world tells us is success, what our culture might call beautiful.  While we may think Jesus’ words are grotesque and macabre, they are actually the essence of beauty.  I hope you’ll be there as we ponder them together.  


You’re in my prayers this week - I hope to see you at the next Preview Service.