Being in Community

As a kid, I wasn’t the best at finishing stuff.  But I was a great starter.  If you were getting together a pickup football game in the park, I’d be there —  for about 30 minutes.  If there was a group project at school, I would be really stoked and diligent — for a few days.  I started countless books in junior high and high school, but I can count on one hand the books I actually finished, Gary Larson’s The Far Side included.  


Looking back, I’m a little baffled I made it through school, into adulthood, got married, had kids, and held down a job.  Somewhere along the way things shifted, and I became more of a finisher.  But truth be told, I’ve had a lot of help along the way.  Whether it was my parents or teachers encouraging me in those early days, or Amy, the kids, and friends spurring me on later, I can look back at my life and know I’ve done nothing “by myself.”  God has always put gifted people in my path to help me, guide me, and show me the way to go.  Graciously, God does this for all of us: he sets the solitary in community for our strengthening, nourishment, and the ultimate goal of being like Christ.  


This season of life is no exception.  All Saints East Dallas is preparing for its first Preview Service this Sunday evening at 5:00 pm.  This moment marks not only the beginning of a new phase of All Saints East’s mission and ministry, but also the culmination of a lot of work and commitment by a very gifted leadership community.  Without these gifted servant-leaders hearing God’s call, saying yes, and following him, All Saints East would not exist.  So this week as I prepare for Sunday’s Preview Service, I am a grateful man for God’s guidance and leadership within this community.


And now I turn my thanks to you, friends of All Saints East.  You’ve been curious about what God is doing.  You’ve attended one or two of our events.  Some of you are huge fans of this work.  No matter who you are, I hope you can be there to join this community in the journey, to start something with us, and to discern if God may be calling you to a new season of community at All Saints East Dallas.  


You’re in my prayers this week - I hope to see you Sunday night.