Following the Son of God

The season of Lent is now in full swing, and Chris+ Myers did a fantastic job kicking us off into this season of penitence, prayer, and fasting. He helped us take a deeper look at the temptations Jesus endured in the desert at Satan’s hand. And in those temptations we saw how Satan tried to get Jesus to fulfill his vocation as Son of God in any other way than God’s way. 


This Second Sunday of Lent we’ll take a deeper look at Jesus’ vocation as the Son of God, and how he compares himself to a hen gathering her chicks. It seems a strange image. But if we sit with it for a while, we’ll find ourselves led to the cross.


Many of you have asked how you can enter into Lent. Prayer, fasting, and giving are three immediate ways to do this. But if you’re looking for an additional way to observe the season, follow this link for daily scripture readings. These readings follow the contour of the season as we draw closer to Jerusalem, the cross, and eventually the resurrection. And, this the same calendar of readings we use each Wednesday at Morning Prayer.


Let’s continue to follow Christ faithfully through Lent -