Celebrating God’s Life in God’s People

This Sunday, October 30, All Saints East Dallas will celebrate our one year anniversary of launching weekly worship. And, not coincidentally, we will celebrate All Saints’ Day, the feast for which we are named. To mark this special occasion, we’ll have a Fellowship Dinner just after the service in the Parish Hall, and baptisms during the service.


Early on in the Church’s life, people of heroic faith were lifted up and celebrated. Because many of them were martyred for their faith, they began to occupy special days of remembrance in the Church’s calendar. All Saints' Day serves to celebrate all of those who’ve followed Jesus no matter the public significance of their faith - people just like you and me.


It’s a perfect day for baptisms because this day is the annual feast where we celebrate every saint, known and unknown, living on earth and in heaven. Many of you have had questions about baptism. This week is a perfect opportunity to participate in the liturgy as we support those being baptized into the life of God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


Come with expectancy this Sunday and be ready to celebrate God’s life in His people. This feast day will be a key moment in our communal life as we seek to continue to fulfill God’s vision to be a three-stream Anglican church living in God’s presence and living out His love, and connecting with the people of the neighborhoods of East Dallas and beyond.


See you then -