Letter from Nashville

This week Chris and I are in Nashville, TN, for the annual Anglican Mission Clergy Retreat. Christ Church Nashville is hosting us and so far we have had a fantastic time. Anglican Mission clergy from all over the United States are present as well as mission partners from Rwanda, India, Congo, and Canada. 


It is amazing to connect and pray with these clergy. After hearing a powerful talk on healing ministry this morning, we broke into groups of four and had an opportunity to give and receive prayer for healing for one another. It was refreshing to have other priests gather around me to pray for the needs in my life. And God spoke to me in those prayers. But it also occurred to me that while these priests were praying for me, they were praying for you. They were praying for my personal and professional needs so that God would in turn continue his work in and through you. The Church is an amazing community, and I have been so blessed to see Her gathered here in Nashville. This is the very same Body of which each of you are a part.


Friends, God has made it clear to us that he wants a three-stream Anglican Church planted in East Dallas. It is clear that has called us to live in His presence and live out His love, and connect with the people in the neighborhoods all around us.  In the same way that I've been strengthened for our local mission in East Dallas by worshiping and praying with priests from all over the country, I pray that you will be encouraged, strengthened, consoled, and equipped by Chris and I being here. And, I pray God continues to fulfill his  vision and mission through all of us, All Saints East Dallas. 


God bless and I'll see you Sunday -